7/23/16 – what this election means to me

It has been 7 months and one week since my last post on this blog. Last week’s GOP Convention however brought me out of my reverie…it is NOT political as I have no love for either party and promise to do this again after the Dem’s have their confab.

Trader Bill

Old Folger’s Coffee ad: “as coffee merchant, John Arbuckle would say, “you get what you pay (vote) for” – or not!

Not long ago, my wife, Mb, had a thought due to some of the weird things Trump was doing: maybe he WANTS to LOSE this election? Could it be that since he didn’t think he had a chance it is now weighing on him of how long he will be out of commission, tied down to the Trump White House in D.C.?

At first, I thought naw, that is absurd with his monstrous ego that needs constant attention. But the more I thought about it and after watching  Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s…er…Trumps for three nights of ‘how not to run a convention, it dawned on me: he accomplished what he set out to do…and more. Odds of election for him are now at 20% but consider:
1. his oldest son declared him the candidate from New York; also gave a speech. Sat with Gingrich smiling on Tuesday night; sat stone-faced while brother Eric spoke Wednesday night (wonder what Pop thought about that?),
2. Eric, as mentioned above gave a speech on what a great dad he was,
3. Ivanka gave a rousing speech, billed as the best of the convention…on what a great dad he was; went to see him at construction sites! Woo Hoo!
But what did we learn? That most likely they had the same speechwriter (the one who plagiarized Melania’s speech – note no apology for saying “I wrote this myself'” – kind of like Trump on Art of the Deal (by the way his ‘co-author’ has denounced him!
The only thing we learned in the entire Trump Convention…sorry, GOP Convention, came from an unlikely source: Ted Cruz (Joe McCarthy reincarnated)…you didn’t think I would say from The Donald did you? PolitiFact ripped him to shreds on his ‘factoids’. No it was when Cruz failed to endorse him, but not to worry, The Newt took care of that saying Cruz left out of his speech that he endorsed Trump…a new low: putting words in one’s mouth for not saying what was written in a vetted speech. Oh, but it gets better: Cruz said he didn’t because, “this is personal”. Now we might have been proud of Sir Ted for this if it wasn’t that he was posturing for the 2020 election…as all the other former opponents who ‘appeared’ to have become Trump minions.
A special place for Gov. Pence. He showed just how humble a Rep/Sen/Gov can be…nearly crawling on the floor uttering words that only a political lackey could do (nevermind the media praise on an excellent speech…nevermind because it wasn’t. It was all that the electorate is tired of: promises….followed by that “you love me, don’t you?” smile. Don’t forget he is against open marriage (oh oh, opposition to Trump AND the GOP who wanted that in the platform but Trump and Co. toned it down. The rest was pure Trump…elect him and we get the Wall as Trump predicted BUT Mexico ain’t gonna pay for it.
Then there was The Donald who had to make his presence known each and every night from that backlit one of him as he came out to greet Malania following her ‘plagarization’ speech.
But to prove the GOP has a big tent….huuuuuggggeeee in fact…they had Duck Dynasty, a kick boxer, and oh so many low-life’s made …well…bigger than LIFE! It was a show to remember: Produced by Donald Trump, Directed by his team (there is no ‘i’ in team but Trump proposes changing the word to ‘i-team’ or ‘me-team’ so there still will be no ‘i’.
Okay, now that I have covered why Trump wants to win on to Hillary. What??? She wants to lose? No, but she has tried awfully hard. On every challenge her mantra is deny, say okay but just a little, let it drag on for months, and never admit that the original rumor was true (for the record, as proven by the GOP Benghazi Report, she was NOT responsible – that friends falls on the military and Ambassador Stevens who was warned by the military not to go to Benghazi but he felt he had to wave the flag (for a last time?). But again she lied…just like Susan Rice did being briefed hours before having to appear on the Sunday talk shows. Of course, the other issue with Hillary is the one that the laws don’t apply to ‘us’ which has happened again and again, and make no mistake about it, the missing appointments in her books and records, and the amazing (a Trump superlative) support for the Clinton Foundation of which Chelsea is Chairman (by the way the rumors of her 900k salary by Politico are false and proven by the financials and tax records…you know the things Trump refuses to release).
Ahem…now to get back on point: Hillary wants to WIN…BILL WANTS HER TO LOSE! What???
Think about it: what kind of politician would meet with the AG on her own plane simply due to a coincidence landing at the same time in Phoenix while an investigation is going on? Only a very stupid one…and Bill is not stupid.
But the one that gave me this theory was his coming out a day before Hillary chose her running mate (Tim Kaine, Gov. Virginia), and saying ‘if the choice was up to me, my pick would be…Tim Kaine). So…less than 48 hours later Hillary names her man…drumroll please…Tim Kaine. Once again proving to Clinton haters that Bill wears the pants in the family…Hillary wears the pantsuits!
Has it occurred to Bill who will be 70 on August 14th, is not fond of the idea of being the first ‘first man’, but more importantly being under full scrutiny by the media and smothered by Secret Service agencies for at least the next four years…and ‘possibly’ the next eight? Bill ain’t that kind of guy so something must be done…but while offering full support (and knowledge) to his wife. Voila! He found it…prove that HE, not Hillary, will be president…don’t you remember during the scandal (the first one), his remark, “you get two for the price of one”? But that was with her being the junior…not him. If she gets sick, will he sit in for her at cabinet meetings and security briefings as proxy?
While long, I hope that was unbiased as I intended it and to those readers who stuck with me to the ‘bitter end’ (which in Naval terms means, the end of the rope…er ‘line’), I do solemnly swear to uphold my pledge (not both of these candidates have already violated the one to support the Constitutioin), of a castration…er…synopsis of the Dem Convention. But I do offer this suggestion to the Democrats: put levity (as I have attempted here), into the convention, be self-deprecating (can a Clinton do that? Is it part of their genetic code?), and do not mention the name TRUMP. Don’t say a word about them…don’t give them prime air time, instead focus on what your party will do for America. Avoid negativity, and make them love…or at least like…the party. Don’t let it be as Don Merideth used to sing on Monday Night Football: “the party’s over…”

If you are still with me, my humblest apologies, but as ribald comedienne Belle Barthe would say: if I embarrass you, tell  your friends! Joan Rivers would say similar but in four letter words.
Trader Bill 




  1. Yarnman said

    TB–What a lovely surprise to be able to read your blog, for one day at least, and to look forward to another edition after Hillary’s coronation. After Trump’s ending speech, I thought his motto should be tweaked to “Make America Hate Again.” Good riddance to Ailes, by the way. –Yarnman

    • traderbill said

      Yarnman…sorry I missed this. Might as well have been Dewey Beats Truman. A very sad time for our country and I am NOT a Hillary fan but felt that in four years I will still recognize my country.
      His Tweets, his acting as president when he had no right to do so, his thin skin.
      I am betting his own party (which it never really was), will tire of him and impeach him…they will have lots of grounds. Why not? They would still have Pence, control of Congress, the judiciary, and most of the governorships. THAT is a recipe for disaster, regardless of which party. They both let us down this year. Too bad Biden didn’t run…he would have been able to walk in.

  2. traderbill said

    Good to hear from you too, Yarnman!!! Funny you came up with that motto. Dovetails with mine: a gathering of haters.
    You’re one of the good guys!

  3. Yarnman said


    Questions about Voting:

    Speaking of rigged voting, have you ever wondered about how the GOP itself is well known for “rigging” elections? Let’s not forget gerrymandering, especially what Tom Delay did to pack the House with Texas Representatives, nor the narrow Congressional district in North Carolina that runs border-to-border from South Carolina to Virginia, nor the scare about voter fraud as the rationale for imposing voter ID laws that work against voter registration; i.e short office hours and/or weekend registration times but at locations in the next Alabama county, and shorter hours for the polls to be open on election day in Florida and Ohio.

    Now we have the Predator in Chief exhorting his minions to monitor the polls for voters using the names of dead people. Why not depend on the 6,000 voting officials across the country who are dedicated monitors of voter lists and eligible voters?

    Why not set up Trumpistas at every polling location to dip the finger of every voter in indelible purple ink as was done in Iraq after Saddam Hussein’s demise? Or hand out Starbucks punch cards offering free coffee for every three votes? Or stamp the back of each voter’s hand with a pretty mark as is done with kids at a high school prom? Wattajerk!

    Speaking of which, where did Trump find that blonde campaign manager, anyway, Kellyanne, who always looks like she’s at the last ten minutes of a prom?

    Still ticking . . .


    • traderbill said

      Thanks for writing, Yarnman. As most people do, I get it that people are angry and see Trump as a cure, but he is definitely not. I hope that when people get in the voting booth they find their pen drawn to Hillary – not because they/I like her but she is the only option that makes sense.
      As if his other ‘sins’ aren’t bad enough casting doubt on the integrity of the elections is blasphemy, un-American, and bordering on treason. It is complete contempt for the Constitution that I doubt he has more than skimmed and definitely not read.
      I hope some of his minions do as they say and stalk people at the polls and when they get within six feet the law is enforced and they are either ejected or arrested as the law allows.
      Yes, there is corruption at the polls but it is only possible at the local level, or a stray precinct. Remember the 1960 election when Chicago fulfilled its motto: vote early, vote often…even if you are dead.
      That is another B.S. argument of Trump and his supporters: sure their are dead people on the rolls and people in more than one precinct or even state, but it is highly unlikely that in more than a handful (relatively), will commit fraud. Penalties are too high.
      Good to hear from you and to close on an upbeat note, I offer this:
      It does no harm just once in a while to acknowledge that the whole country isn’t in flames, that there are people in the country besides politicians, entertainers, and criminals.
      – Charles Kuralt
      A great reporter and commentator. Create a fire and you may as well have one. Hope that it dies down after but with the level of frustration and lack of civility I doubt it will…just pray it doesn’t escalate.

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