10/30/15 …God Bless America – PLEASE!

Years ago, TB was fed up with Congress (think it was about the time they shut down the government the first time, when The Newt was Speaker of House). He noted that in some states the legislature only meets every other year but the Governor can call a special session in the off year but only for specifically named issues.

Thinking about it, TB wondered if a state can have government every other year, perhaps we should try that with Congress, AND if that worked out maybe eliminate Congress altogether. Silly thought, no? NO!!! But TB now wants to add the presidency to the proposal…and don’t forget the Supreme Court that brought us the Citizens United decision…splendid!

Speaking of Citizens United, which fully empowered the Koch brothers, who own more Congressmen…not to mention local politicians thanks to the Superpac that spreads crap and prevents those running for office from getting their pitch on TV. Before you say that the decision was strongly for, note that former Justice Sandra Day O’Conner (you do recall she was a Reagan appointee), was appalled by it. Imagine a corporation as an individual…you can’t send a corporation to jail, and if youi fine them as AG Eric Holder did (recall he said he couldn’t sleep at night considering what would happen to those poor investors if their senior officers went to jail?), putting shareholders in double jeopardy after seeing share prices fall and then having to pay the miscreants fines!

But guess who is scared now? Besides you and me! The Koch’s because The Donald is a loose cannon who has stated he wants to raise taxes on the wealthy…never mind that he doesn’t know what he is talking about, and makes you wonder about the people who admire him for saying what he thinks, which he does…but that isn’t necessarily what the ‘thought’ in the past, or even yesterday. Frankly, Trump is a narcissist and egocentrist. He avoided the draft, and brags that the money he is spending is all his…good, Donald…keep spending because you still won’t be president. You’re fired!

Don’t know what to think about Ben Carson except his concept of economics has no resemblance to reality…and you nearly fall asleep when he speaks; then there is Sen. Ted Cruz…what a guy…even after Boehner got the debt ceiling raised in the House, he pledged he would filibuster…guess his kidneys are weak because the Senate also passed it…along with a budget resolution. Note to Hillary: it doesn’t take a village…just for the House Speaker to resign…his last task was his best. Sen. Mark Rubio comes across well but again…what does he stand for…Jeb Bush likewise. Whose left? Ah, Carly. master at keeping the lie alive.

Ms. Fiorina says that Tom Perkins who was on her board and called for her ouster at HP, now says she was the greatest CEO. Huh? About that she is right: Perkins took out a full page ad in the WSJ? or the NYT, whatever saying just that. Now let’s dig deeper: Tom also contributed $25,000 to her campaign which to him is about the same as a Starbucks Coffee. Wait a minute, didn’t JPMorgan, and Goldman Sachs, contribute to Obama?…and Romney? You betcha, just a matter of amounts. Carly also has an inability to admit when she is wrong…like the ‘film’ that only she saw a fetus squirming in after an abortion while the docs decided where the brain should go..so even when the mother came out and said it was still-born. Now that’s Chuzpah – the same thing the destroyed her in her ill-advised run against Sen. Boxer.

But here’s the worst thing about Carly: first she said that as soon as she is elected she will “scrap the tax code”. Please remember that only Congress can do that and who do you think keeps making the tax code longer? Special interest groups, duh! Then she said she wanted it so you could file your return on a postcard…hey, didn’t the Gipper say that 35 years ago and in the meantime the returns have become more complex. There is only one phrase that describes this: pandering to the people. It is an insult. By the way, a friends ex-boss was appointed by Reagan to head the IRS. He was excited about all the changes he wanted to make, and he was a partner in a Big 8 CPA firm. He quit in disgust a year later failing to get any changes made…and he isn’t the first.

Huckabee…not unless you are a born-again. This leaves John Kasich…who does understand government budgets and spending…yes he does…but when he punctuates every statement jabbing his forefinger at you, it gets tiring and offends a lot of his potential voters. Wonder if that is how he would do a SOTU speech? Hopefully not.

Ok, to the Dems…Bernie Sanders can sure stir up the pot but he isn’t election material…scratch him. Hillary is OWNED by Wall Street so we will get more of the same…TB says this because while Obama said he respected Volcker he listened instead to Clinton cronies, Summers, Emanuel, and Daley…what a guy! If TB was Volcker he would have sued to have his name removed from the ‘Volcker Rule’ – make it the Obama Rule instead. it is a sham.

Now let’s go back to the 2000 election…Bush, aka Dubya was the pick of the GOP…but they needed someone with experience…so who did they choose to add ‘gravitas’? Dick Cheney, who along with Rumsfeld convinced Bush to go to war against Saddam in something only Don Quixote could appreciate. By they way, Bush 41 tried to advise his son to stay away from the neo-cons having dealt them in the Reagan administration. His son hung up on him! On the ruse of getting Osama Bin Laden we went into Afghanistan…we were going to be out as soon as we caught him…but he had already fled and we’re still there in what along with Iraq are the two longest wars in U.S. history. We succeeded in destroying the balance of power for the first time since the Brits did it a hundred years earlier, and now WE, the people and the world are paying for it.

That little (?) segue brings us to Hillary who the GOP is doing their best to get elected to the Oval Office by harping on Benghazi even when they and we know, ad nauseum, that the Ambassador went to Benghazi despite being warned not to go…got it? Now forget it! If the GOP looses to Hillary this will be the root cause…and it won’t help the American people.

Hillary is smart and fully competent for the job, it’s just that the Clinton’s believe everything can be fudged when it comes to them. That is why I was so disappointed to see Biden decide not to run. Because if he had, and if he chose Elizabeth Warren as his running mate, we might actually get something done against Wall Street. He isn’t a genius but he has gravitas and common sense and an ability to work with Congress while Warren cut her teeth on Jamie Dimon and the rest of Wall Street and is hurting them so bad in the Senate that I bet Dimon wishes he had let her head up the consumer protection commission.

America is supposed to be for the people and when we are told that the Constitution is a sacred document that must be upheld, they just don’t get it. It was written for the mind of fifth grade education and made to be FLEXIBLE. Imagine if we had made the changes that would have prevented anchor babies, and so many other things that we squabble about today but nobody does anything about.

You know why TB admires Abraham Lincoln? Because he said if keeping slavery would hold the nation together he would be for it, and if abolishing it would he would do that. THEN, after the war he showed his brilliance even more by the Emancapation Proclamation that shouldn’t have even been necessary if we had done what we said in the Declaration of Independence: that ALL men are created equal …and that should have extended to women.

We are a nation in decline, we don’t respect others – or ourselves. People died for this country…for this? Tom Brokaw was right: our parents and grandparents were the greatest generation…hang your heads in shame with me…we are a part of the problem. Why? Because OUR parents didn’t want us to suffer the hardships that they did…now what have we got.

A disgruntled American,



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