10/13/15 …how big should a brewery be?

Certainly, not so big that it dwarfs all competitors! SABMiller and AmBev are already the two largest in the world. SAB’s portfolio includes Miller, Stella Artois, Peroni and more…they recently bought a 50% interest in Lagunitas…will it go the way of Sam Adams? Probably, if they do the same and boost production…Lagunitas isn’t even a micro brewery anymore, and it shows.

Lots of talk about a monopoly…DUH!!! It will be left up to the EU to decide…and since SAB is paying $106 BILLION for AmBev, and get this…if it is deemed a monopoly, AmBev will collect a $3 billion termination fee. To TB, this implies that the fix is in! Either that or SAB is downright stupid! Most likely, they will be fined and on their way. Is this a great world, or what?



Note: TB is writing this at the request of a reader who noted it has been more than six months (9 actually!), since a blog was written here. He requested that I not do all the daily research and just write when something interests me. Sounds like a splendid idea. My new vocation…writing http://www.traderbillonwine.com is more fun and hopefully will turn into a book, and TB will be famous and rich!!! Hey, if Roxie Hart in Chicago, but without the murder!


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