3/30/15…President Cruz…say it isn’t so…please!

(Before we begin, there is an issue in the Constitution which should be addressed, however with our Citizens-United-believing, 5-4 conservative SCOTUS, it won’t. First, those strict-constructionist members of the bench miss the point about the flexibility that the founding fathers deemed of utmost importance if the country was to survive. There was not even rail travel, let alone, airplane, and most people around the world never ventured more than fifty miles from their home towns. Yet if a foreign woman is visiting here and has a baby, her child is deemed an American citizen. Same goes for the illegals who have come here that upset Republicans so much. There is no way the founding fathers could have anticipated this, especially at a time when we needed people to come.

But a more troubling one is the issue that makes a Ted Cruz presidency a dangerous precedent: he was born in Canada but of an American woman, thus making him a citizen and eligible to be president – remember that Obama was only a junior Senator, elected president early in his first term! Let’s say a boy was born of a mother who had moved to Germany and supported Hitler, remained there and then her son returned to seek office as president…he would be eligible to run and what would he do as president? Worse, what if a woman was an Isis convert. That is precisely why the founding fathers wanted only naturally-born U.S. citizens eligible for the highest office. Think about it…

The GOP has run amok…they have lost interest in contributions except from major donors like Sheldon Adelson, whose beck and call is their raison d’etre. On another tack are the Koch brothers who now want to control elections in all states and even what is taught at colleges by contributions with strings to endowment funds. What has the American political system come to? These ‘true believers’ in Milton Friedman’s ‘free-market capitalism (which has been proven to be a myth in the recent financial crisis), as well as von Mises, while extrapolating the theories of Adam Smith (he would no doubt roll over in his grave, as would our founding fathers), are now serving the top 0.1% – or less – of America. But what about the growth of the black and latino vote? If you have no say on who the candidates are as they are predetermined by the money spent getting to the primaries, your vote is meaningless, which makes wonder why the GOP is so concerned over voter fraud and making it more difficult to vote – oh, forgot, the other party could get elected, but like Obama, neutralized by the contributions of the financial sector.

But first, what is happening in the Democratic Party? Which is to say, why won’t the media say anything about other possible candidates than Hillary? Especially when all of her baggage since Benghazi has piled up like the dock before a cruise ship departure. While the Benghazi claims have been defrayed…except on the ‘fact-filled’ Fox channel that caters to the old and senile with their fearless leader in search of truth, Bill O’Reilly (problem is he doesn’t search within for truth). The foreign contributions to the Clinton Foundation are problematic enough since they came in while she was secretary of state, but the destruction of those thousands of ‘personal’ emails will dog her all they way to the elections (you can’t disprove a negative, even assuming they truly were personal).

What about the most honest person in politics today, Elizabeth Warren? She has been given short-shrift by the media which is sad. Look at the attention on the GOP side to Scott Walker, and even the inelectable Mike Huckabee, and of course the subject of today’s blog: Senator Ted Cruz from the great State of Texas which brought us such luminaries as Senator Phil Gramm (and of course his lovely wife Wendy, who was a director and on the audit committee of Enron), Gov.Rick Perry, and current Governor Greg Abbott…will skip over G.W. Bush for you to evaluate.

Hillary is most likely not electable…ah, but Warren is an unknown…not exactly, and she has shown she had the guts to stand up to Jamie Dimon and the rest of the financial lobby, which cost her confirmation as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, which was her creation. That of course came back to haunt Dimon when she ran for and was elected Senator from Massachusetts, where she has continued to fight valiantly for the people of Main Street over the robber barons of Wall Street.

All that said, isn’t it amazing that the first person to throw his hat in the ring for the GOP nomination for president is none other than first-term Senator Ted Cruz? He has all the markings of a narcissist, and made his rep on his 21 hour and 19 minute filibuster – the longest since the great ones of the Civil War era – over Obamacare, while reciting Dr. Seuss – how charming and how he proved he should not be POTUS!

No matter how much TB dislikes him he has to admit the man is brilliant, just not presidential material.  By all counts he is a brilliant and accomplished debater…he wears down his opponents by continually coming back at them. Is that a good trait in a president? (Note that one of his professors at Harvard Law, Alan Dershowitz, declared him to be “off the charts brilliant”

The comments from former friends are not all so favorable: controlling, pedantic, but he befriended one black student at a time of need and they remain close friends. Cruz’ father was a Cuban emigrant but despite that Felito – his given name, wants to seal the borders…the same old, please close the gate after I get in.

I feel there is little chance of him becoming the nominee, let alone president, but that has been said before…Harry Truman?

Decades ago someone wrote an article on who should be president. He said they don’t have to be smart (look at Wilson, Hoover, or Carter) to do well, and can be dumb and lucky (his example then was the man who became vice president, Dan Quayle), after all it is a matter of luck whether a president has problems unless they are self-induced. Think about it.

There is a tremendous grass roots drive to nominate Elizabeth Warren…is she the last hope for the Democrats? Otherwise, looking at the insane actions of the new majority GOP, and ask how this country can continue as a democracy or democratic republic. The power is now in such a small group that even oligarchy is not the correct term. We are heading for the death of the middle class. That is TB’s biggest fear and why he is bothering to resurrect this blog, only when he has something to say, not on any regular schedule.

As for Mr. Cruz’ ethics, he says he had a voice tell him to run for office, if you believe that. Could he be The Messiah? Also, he says he told his wife that they should sell all their liquid assets to finance his campaign and she agreed. Not her recollection: when he told me he was going to run for president I told him if he does he better find some wealthy donors. End of story.

Thank you for reading,



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