3/27/15…America the beautiful; land of the brave? Is it?

It has been about a month since the last post. TB will try not to bother you with blabber but this is important.
Friends, we have lost our moral compass and honor as Americans. Sadly, I believe we no longer deserve this country. We have become irresponsible and are setting up our kids and grandkids for a change of what it is like to be America,
It began with Reagan because it was his administration and Art Laffer’s flawed supply-side economics that has destroyed the middle class. It was Reagan, who over the objections of my former ML boss Don Regan, created too big to fail by bailing out Continental. At first it all seemed good, yet we forget two S&L crises (does the name Keating ring a bell?), due to deregulating and disempowering regulators while Congress was on the take (Keating Five, yet Congress turned their backs). Since Continental was the eighth largest bank, deposits flowed in to the bigger banks from around the world and stole them from the regional and community banks. He also destroyed labors ability to bargain…yet while labor unions have little power any more, municipal unions have driven up the cost of state and local government. THAT is what he should have fought. The Gipper was bigger than life (reality) and it has now come home to haunt us.

Moyers may be off the air but he is alive and well on the internet.Here is one of the best articles I have seen – the best? – on the destruction of America by the wealthy. This is just one of the links in his column and it is truly shocking:

No one other than the author has shown such an understanding of what has gone wrong in America. Between the Supreme Court (Citizens United), and the Koch brothers, the cost of getting elected has gone off the charts. I thought we were headed for oligarchy but the article shows how it is worse – much worse.

The Netanyahu affair is discussed and shows how the GOP, my former party (independent now as Dems aren’t much better), has deteriorated into a money machine with total disregard for the people…see the section on the budget and why they are so eager to get in wars…it’s just business! Disgusting to this Viet Nam veteran.
Disagree? Then how come the presidents rating got to the 20’s and Congress as low as single digit? Harry Reid is now leaving “at the top of his game” (now that is a stretch), and it is time for Boehner and McConnell to do likewise. GOP has come to be grumpy old men and women who castrate hogs “to hear them squeal.”
We can either do something or stand by idly and watch as the scenario in the article plays out, but if we do the results will be on us…as they well should be. Right in the footsteps of Rome…what is it about people who ignore the lessons of the past…oh sorry, I forgot we are creating a different world. Can we stop it and let me off?
Trader Bill

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